How a Virtual Reality CAVE Can Revolutionise Your Business

Anyone who’s been in business during the last twenty years will be well used to the hectic pace of technological change. Every couple of years something new comes along that radically changes the way we work. One of the latest developments to come out of the Virtual Reality industry is the Cave Automatic Virtual Environment (CAVE).

The What?

CAVE (Cave Automatic Virtual Environment) is a virtual reality environment consisting of a cube-shaped VR room in which the walls, floors and ceilings are projection screens. A VRCAVE is essentially an empty room with four sides, a ceiling and a floor. In other words, it’s putting the user inside an enclosed cube.

Once inside, all six of those surfaces are used as projection screens in order to create an immersive virtual reality experience. This, combined with a VR headset, joystick, and other devices can give you your own personal virtual reality environment.

Virtual Reality CAVE

It sounds like a lot of fun, but where, you might ask, are the benefits for your business?

The premise of virtual reality is to give the user an experience they might not otherwise be able to undertake. In gaming, this might be battling zombies, but the business applications follow on from that. The aircraft simulator is not so different.

The implications for such technology for sales and communications are quite dramatic. If you’ve ever tried to sell a product that hasn’t yet been created, you’ll know how difficult it can be. Whether you’re an architect or an equipment manufacturer, virtual reality can allow you to bring your design to life and let your clients experience it before it exists in reality.

Design Visualisation

The ability to visualise an environment can address many issues. Whether it’s part of your initial sales pitch to show off your design to customers or the public, it can provide an impressive feature at a trade show. You can even do preliminary demonstrations to a potential client on the opposite side of the worldwithout the cost of shipping a demonstrator.

However, it’s not just the initial sales pitch that can benefit from VR. Customer support can benefit too, and this kind of visualisation can also perform a vital role in safety management.

Cave Automatic Virtual Environment (CAVE) can be very useful when training personnel on maintenance methods or how to identify faults in a risky environment where the price of making a mistake can be high. It also means that your client’s maintenance teams can get their training done safely before you’ve even completed the product, saving them time and money later on.

Find Out More

The commercial uses of virtual reality CAVE are many and growing. As the technology becomes more affordable and more versatile, VR is saving lives in medicine and surgery simulation, as well as time and money in many other industries. The applications are exciting and infinite.

To find out how virtual reality can benefit your business, talk to Antycip Simulation, Europe’s leading provider of VR CAVE solutions.