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This was achieved in part by more intensive edge flaking; the ∼1.four to 1.25 Mya Konso handaxes bear a larger number of flake scars . The advanced lithic technology enabled the manufacturing of comparatively straight edges, though still retaining appreciable sinuosity in contrast with later handaxes . The higher-shaped and straighter edges provided useful enhancements for butchering and cutting activities, suggesting an elevated demand for animal carcass processing at ∼1.four to 1.25 Mya at Konso. In addition, a striking feature of the Konso ∼1.four to 1.25 Mya assemblages is the incidence of the Kombewa method almost half one million y sooner than beforehand identified .

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The Kombewa technique creates a standardized ovate planform comprising a protracted edge and a biconvex section and predetermines blank morphology . Whereas the Kombewa technique has long been thought of a late Early Pleistocene to Middle Pleistocene technology , its occurrence at ∼1.4 Mya attests to a a lot earlier attainment. The stone handaxes of this time interval typically exhibit planform symmetry and a thinner tip that required fantastic flaking (Fig. 6).

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However, there is excessive interassemblage variability …