The Future Of VR Explained

Virtual Reality is a new thing, and every big name is on this hype train. From Facebook to indie video games’ companies, VR is a major factor when it comes to development and planning. What is the future of VR then, is it that big or just a passing trend?

VR Could Be Our Next Computing Platform

The majority of VR’s success is currently related to gaming platforms such as HTC Vive or Oculus Rift, but many big business’ names (Mark Zuckerberg, for example) think that VR will be more than just a “gaming thing”. He also said that VR could be “the next major computing platform”, in an interview with Bloomberg last year. For now, all the social media interactions via VR are limited to VR chat, which is still related to the gaming world, but having Facebook in VR soon could definitely be possible.


Many different startups have recently opened their realms to VR when it comes to development. With mobile app development, for example, it looks like it’s becoming something that important to have. UX (User Experience) could be next level if put in a VR environment.

Also, it looks like many companies are actually investing in the VR technology for training purposes (the first example that comes to my mind is of course medical-related). This is very exciting, as it brings a whole new level of possibilities.

Live Your Moments

Recently Google opened a VR division in which they are studying different applications for this technology. A particular one is related to Home Video Recording: Jessica Brillhart (a filmmaker for VR at Google) said during an interview that in the near future it will be possible to record videos in VR so you will be able to see your best moments via their headset. We will be able to never forget a single moment of our lives. That’s exciting and, at the same time, a bit frightening.

The Impact On The Marketplace

VR is a huge bet on the market, or better, it was. Let me clarify: 5 years ago this was seen as a “dead-end technology”, with “pointless investment potentials”. Matter of fact, IDC currently states that more than 99 million AR and VR headsets will be shipped this year. We are talking about 22.4 Billion $ by 2020. Not only that, combine it with all the investments that I included in the previous paragraphs and you will see how big this technology will impact on the market. Calling out all the investors here!

Limitless Technology

VR is so cool, but it is still at its early stage of progression. Even Elon Musk said that “VR is still a new thing, give her some time and it will be part of our lifestyle”. The applications are still limited, due to the hardware, which is still new and could be optimised (as the experts are saying). If you are a developer and you are passionate about Augmented Reality and Virtual Reality, then you should embrace this technology, as it will be super big in no time.