How to Avoid PCB Warp Board?

First of all, why should the PCB be flat?

If the car on the circuit board assembly line can lead to an inaccurate position, or the components cannot be inserted into the hole, and cannot be installed for solder, even up to the damage of the machine. If PCB Assembly after bending, it is very difficult to cut the pin and neat components. Clustered PCB Boards cannot be packed in boxes, so very annoying plate bending problems. So far, the printed circuit board installed on the surface timing and chips, there will be more rigid PCB assembly plates flatness requirements.

Second, how to avoid PCB warp in the manufacturing process

Here are 6 points for your reference:

  1. PCB design: we should pay attention to PCB design. In this case, it’s strongly recommended to hire a PCB Assembly Services.
  2. The material should be balanced in layers, for example, 6 layers board, PP thickness, and quantity should be in 1 to 2 l and l 5-6 is the same, easy to cause bending.
  3. Using the same manufacture and laminate core.
  4. Circuit design area should be close to the top and bottom side. If the top side with a large copper area, and only a few at the bottom of the circuit, can cause warping after etching. If the circuit between the top and bottom is large, we can add some independent grids to balance it.
  5. Baking laminate before production. Bake at 150 ℃ 8 + 2 hours to remove excess water. It helps to avoid PCB warp. Now, many double deck plates and sandwich plates are still baking laminate before production. We recommend the laminate cake after cutting, and the inner laminate should be baked.
  6. Latitude and longitude. The latitude and longitude of the PP depreciation rate after different lamination, so this should be stored in the same direction as pressure coating. Instead, it’s easy to cause warping dishes, and it’s hard to fix. The cause of multi-layer bending plates is mainly due to PP mixed latitude and longitude.